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Hi, I’m Alison! I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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I’m here to help you with your horse. I believe every horse is an individual with their own personality and strengths. I can help you build on these strengths to have more fun. 

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My Dressage Philosophy 

Feel Good Dressage is about making Dressage fun for you and your horse. 

Are you a busy rider who would  like to enjoy Dressage without feeling stressed by the challenge? Do you ever feel like Dressage is hard work or maybe you struggle to communicate with your horse? 

Would you like to do more with your horse but are not sure what to do and when?

Would you like to leave behind the stress of schooling concerns and tension to ride to form a connection with your horse based on empathy and trust? 

Feel Good Dressage aims to help every rider experience the magic of Dressage with their horse so they enjoy their arena time. 

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Salvation & I making our BD Debut

Salvation is an Equestrian All Star

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