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Welcome to the Dressage School.

Train and compete with Your Horse at home.

Start your Dressage Programme at home with live coaching and self study courses. 

Dressage School Online is here to guide you with fun arena challenges, intentional practice sessions and reliable, up to date information you can trust. 

Dressage School Online helps you build confidence solo schooling at home. 
The Online Centre offers competition coaching, skills development and plenty of variety in training programmes to keep you and your horse entertained. 

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Arena Challenges 

Live Coaching

Competition Prep

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It’s Time To Enjoy the Online Dressage World


Have you ever wanted extra help when riding your horse? Maybe you were working on something new or challenging and wanted more guidance? 

Let me help you with my online coaching sessions. You can choose from a mix of live lessons online, feedback on video clips with coaching tips and homework, coaching conversations and help to plan your competitions.

Don’t worry about the tech set up. I can help you find the best solution for you without breaking the bank! 


  • Make Progress with Your Horse. 

  • Join Our Teams. 

  • Earn Badges & Certificates 

  • Step up a level.

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Your Arena is Your Stage.

Dressage is your chance to experience the thrill of riding as an art form. 
It’s a time to focus on your partnership. To show how you communicate with each other. To concentrate on rhythm, balance and ease of movement. 
Dressage School Online helps you to connect with riders all around the world. 


Maddy and Fergus are valued members of our online dressage team. Maddy is also part of the first Rider With A Plan cohort. 

U.K. Staycations

Book in for a training staycation with Alison and Sarah at Danesmoor Eventing. Pictured is Alison riding Salvation in the indoor arena. 


Mike is a member of the Coach development Programme and is pictured with Junior Rider Olivia. The Centre hosts Challenge Awards and riders train regularly with Alison. 

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Hi there, I'm Alison!

I’m an Equestrian Coach and have been helping riders develop great partnerships with their horses since 1994. I also ride and compete in Dressage Competitions both at home (online) and away at shows with Salvation. 

I believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow as an equestrian. I also feel strongly that Dressage is a really fun and effective way of strengthening communication between horse and rider. I enjoy helping people to adopt my Feel Good Dressage Philosophy. Dressage can and should be fun for horse and rider and my job as a Coach is to guide the partnership so that their experience is positive. 

Join me on your dressage adventure and let me help you meet the challenges of the sport whilst looking after your horse. 

More About Me

My Coach Ethos

My love of horses led me to a career as a professional coach. I still place the horse at the heart of everything we do.

I always put the horse first and show riders how to make sure their horse is a willing partner, enjoying the arena time and their connection with their rider.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Dressage?

Prepare for your next competition with a 5 Day Challenge. 
Join Heroes Riding Club to access a great selection of challenges articles and mini courses. Then download the Equestrian Heroes App to take your favourite exercises with you to the arena.
Join me at our very first Equestrian Heroes Online Dressage Show hosted by Virtual Horse Sport. 



5 Day Challenge
Equestrian Heroes App
Our 1st Dressage Show. 

Dressage School Online Facilities for Horse Riders. 

The classroom suite makes it possible to log onto a private or group video call hosted on my website. Each user has a note taking section that they can share with their Coach as well as a private note taking facility. Share video, photos and files to discuss your training with ease during the video calls. 
Heroes membership is free and brings you access to the Library and Rider Lounge. 
When you sign up for a Dressage School course you will access your course hub where you can achieve badges and certificates as well as unlocking surprise bonus lessons and training. 

Your Arena

Your arena can be the venue for your coaching session when you use modern tech to connect for a coaching session. Check out my guides for setting up a session with Pivo, Pixem and WhatsApp.

Set Up Guides

3 Popular Coaching Options.

1. Video Feed Forward

Choose from one of our popular sessions or get in touch with special requests. You will receive guidance for riding and filming your session. Upload our video and then Alison will watch and send you pointers you can use to feed forward to your next session. You will be able to work on developing your riding skills and be building on your strengths. 

2. Arena Challenges

Work with Alison on progressive challenges to help you improve your horse’s way of going and your riding skills. This is a great way to bring variety to your training programme. A fun way to motivate yourself to keep improving and to track your progress. 

3. Rider Reviews

Regular reviews help you to see how you and your horse are progressing. These reviews are included in the Rider With A Plan programme so that Riders can receive coach guidance and support as they work through their programme. They can also be used by Riders who want to check in with a coach. Riders will upload a 10minute video and book in with Alison for a Coaching Conversation to discuss the strengths of their partnership and to agree their next steps. 

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Popular Feed Forward Subjects  

Let me help you master riding circles, introducing leg yield, developing your horse’s way of going by riding balanced transitions.

Perhaps you would like to focus on your position in the saddle? Do you want to concentrate on influencing your horse effectively and being able to develop better connection?

Maybe you would like to concentrate on how you warm up for competitions? We can look at how you manage more challenging situations whilst calmly working with your horse. 

Choose Your Next Training Session.

Dressage School Online can help you to choose your Dressage Pathway.

Alison offers coaching programmes for your first steps in dressage as well as competition coaching for home and away tests and regular training for riders focussed on having fun whilst learning new skills. 

Connect With Your Horse

Learn how to train new movements and have help to develop your horse’s way of going. I’ll help you identify your strengths as a partnership and to nurture your relationship with your horse.

We will discuss your schooling programme and plan how to step up a level.  I’ll help you to recognise your rider headspace and to prime your mind to ride intuitively . To get started, find a place to school. Set up a way to film your sessions and organise coaching at home so you and your horse can optimise your dressage performance.

Competition Coaching

Ride onto the Center Line feeling confident and ready to showcase your horse’s strengths. Your competition pathway is unique and Alison will tailor make your programme to suit you and your horse. 

With competition coaching you can focus on riding your test and achieving your personal performance goals. Alison will help you build a profile of your partnership with your horse and together you will agree how you plan your shows and goals for the test. When you book in with Alison you are able to use the performance framework: Ride, Review, Reflect, Repeat.

Email Advice Line 

Alison can be contacted by email to support her riders with competition preparation, schooling issues and horse care advice.

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Top Tips For Stressless Dressage

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Download your guide and find out my secrets for enjoying dressage at home and in competition. 

Tech Suggestions

It’s essential that you have reliable WiFi connection to make the most of the coaching session. The headphones you choose will impact on your session too, you need to be comfortable, able to hear clearly and be confident that there is sufficient battery life and Bluetooth range.

There are several options for the coaching call. Ridesum is a valuable App with some good premium features available on subscription. You will enjoy the best results when it is used with the Pixem system. 
I have successfully used Pivo Meet, the Pixem system with video call, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom calls to connect with your arena. 
I have affiliate codes for you:


For  Pixem use PIXE2Alisonk