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Equestrian Heroes offers tiered membership. The Rider Lounge and The Library are for everyone to enjoy. I will be on hand to guide you, answer your burning questions and join in the conversations. 

Gold Membership brings you affordable group training every month with webinars, zooms, email training exclusives and more. 

Every rider will enjoy the challenges, workbooks, rider resources. A good starting point is to download the Equestrian Heroes Guidebook.

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Exploring Equitation

Mindset Matters

Go for Gold

January Challenge

Effective Riding 

Remember to claim your Golden Ticket for 4 months Free Coaching. 

Gold Programme 

We will start the Gold E Training Programme with EXPLORING EQUITATION. I’ll share insights for popular exercises and together we will look at how to introduce new things to your horse.

Next up, we turn our attention to MINDSET MATTERS. I’ll share how to nurture your Rider Headspace and how to adopt winning habits. 

The 2023 Advent Calendar theme was Feel Good Dressage Golden Moments. Head over to the Library to download your Feel Good Dressage Deck & Planner.

We start 2024 with my 21Day January Challenge! This popular programme will help you realise your competition dreams. You can start at any time, though the live meet ups are for January only!

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Free Mini Course

Finally feel like dressage is fun for both of you. 

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Organise your schooling in three planning sessions. 

My 12 week Signature Course 

Ideal for riders who want to school to improve their partnership.

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So proud of all our riders who are riding their horses in all weathers and finding the time to check in with the challenges too.

This month we want to hear from you if you are planning to enter an online dressage competition. 
Have you thought about entering a show online yet? Equestrian Heroes has their first ever online show this April hosted by Virtual Horse Sport and we’d love you to join us.

Well done everyone. And remember, if you have a win to share send it to me at [email protected]


Congratulations - the wins for this month go to:

Maddy for the win with Fergus and Debbie, Mike, Coralie, Malan and Olivia for completing their Challenge Awards. 

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