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Get the tips that every rider wishes they had before they started to work on stepping up a level with their horse and facing new challenges together. 

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In this Action Plan you'll learn how to skip years of making mistakes by learning these 3 steps:


Goals to Actions.

After the goal setting sessions it’s important to explore all of the elements that will contribute to your progress. Then you need to consider the actions you need to take to train towards your goals. I’ll show you how to do this in my free guide. 



Performance Measures.

It’s easy to feel frustrated when sometimes you can’t quite recreate the work you and your horse are capable of. My free guide is going to show you how to produce your best work consistently as well as how to evaluate how to develop the things you and your horse have not mastered yet.



Riding to Win.

Once you have learned how to create your best work consistently at home and in competition or when you are under pressure, there is another step to master. Winning means different things to each of us and the desire to win can impact our ability to ride and perform well. My guide is going to help you to recognise your strengths and your process for riding well during competitions. 

You can be your horse’s hero with my Step by Step Guide to creating Your Success Plan. 

  • Finally feel like Schooling is fun for both of you. 

  • Adopt a new mindset so that you can enjoy your riding, training and competition.

  • Celebrate your horse and the things you do well as a partnership.

  • Understand your expectations so that you arrive in the arena feeling cool, calm and connected!

Download the Free Guide:

3 Things Every Rider Needs to Know

Download your success plan and discover how to prepare so that your horse feels calm, relaxed and balanced! Get the tips that every rider wishes they had before they rode into the arena! 

I'm Alison!

Rider, Horse Owner, Coach & Mentor. 

I arrived in the Dressage Arena after more than a decade of playing Polocrosse. It was a huge learning curve and I have a ton of top tips to help you enjoy the competition arena even if that seems a way off just now. 

I discovered easy ways to prepare to ride and plan my season, simple exercises that could help my horse and I feel good in the competition arena and now I want to share with you so that you and your horse feel relaxed and confident to ride at your best and produce consistent results at home and in competition.