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competition equitation Mar 16, 2024

My Dressage School Online has had a facilities upgrade for Spring. I’m rather proud of this corner of my website which introduces my coaching programmes and free learning resources. There are set up guides for the different tech riders can use to connect with a coach online. 
I spotlight Pixem, Pivo and WhatsApp with the step by step process I use to connect with Riders.

Dressage School Online now has a learning hub for each member. Each page has a space to make your private notes and to ask me questions. The new Level Up Programme offers you the chance to work at your own pace on your chosen pathway. For each level, from Intro to Grand Prix, you can claim digital rosettes, certificates and rider rewards as you submit your test scores. You can collect scores in online competitions as well as at dressage events. 
Also inside Dressage School membership is the 5 day Challenge, Are You Ready To Enjoy Dressage. This challenge has been created to help riders prepare for their next competition.

There is a growing curriculum of Arena Challenges and a section devoted to personal performance reviews so that you can track your progress. Start the Level Up Programme today for £10 a month. This membership includes your personal hub and the Arena Challenges curriculum as well as access to all of the Heroes Riding Club resources. Which Level will you complete first? 

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