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Are You Ready To Enjoy Dressage in 2024?

coaching competition confidence equitation mindset Mar 14, 2024

Are you looking to begin competing in online dressage? Perhaps you are not ready to compete yet but you would really like to explore bringing fun to your Flatwork for you and your horse? 
I’m so pleased you are here and perhaps curious to find out more about the 5 day challenge?

The 2024 Challenge is included inside my Dressage School Online. 

In 2024 I’m running the Challenge to help you prepare for the 1st Equestrian Heroes Dressage Show.
When you join you will have a workbook to guide you through the challenge. It will take you around 20minutes each day to think about the task and where it sits within your riding time.

Heroes Riding Club is included in the programme. Our Rider Lounge is a friendly place where you can talk to other riders, ask questions about schooling and how online dressage works. 

I share insights as a Coach and as a big fan of competing online with my horse Salvation. 




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