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Horse & Hound Reader Issue

competition Jul 15, 2023

Salvation ( stable name Humpty ) changed my life when he came out of retirement to help me with my rider rehabilitation. He took on the role of best horse friend very quickly and before much time had passed we had achieved so many milestones together.

When I heard that Horse & Hound magazine were looking to feature Veteran horses in their Reader Issue I knew I wanted them to share our story. I contacted the features editor and told her all about my great fortune to meet Humpty and to spend time with him.

Have a read of the article snippet and learn how Humpty and I formed an incredible partnership filled with love and carrots. 

Humpty has his own profile page on Equestrian All Stars. This is a place where riders can share their Horse’s profile and story online. It’s a great way to celebrate your horse and to say thank you to sponsors and supporters. If you would like an Equestrian All Stars page visit here for more information. 




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