World Book Day Reads for Equestrians

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Today might not be the day you rediscover the joy of getting lost in a book. We Equestrians are busy people however, what if I told you that developing the practice of savouring reading could bring you the calm clarity that you need to ride well ? I write ebooks for Riders so it would be natural to assume that I’m here to market my books to you. I have other ways to do that. This blog is to encourage you to schedule time for stories and relaxation. Did you know that horses enjoy stories? I find a good audiobook can capture their attention in much the same way as a conversation. Now it might help that my tastes run to happy ever after stories that soothe. 
I like to read. I am a huge fan of Kindle Unlimited. I wrote a blog recently about why I enjoy it and how you can claim a free trial with my affiliate links. Check it out here later!

You might also be interested in my virtual  Book Club  for riders who want to share and discuss books they enjoy.


Now I’d like to share a handful of titles that I enjoy in any format. I particularly treasure them in paperback with a great pot of tea. There are affiliate links here too which add nothing to your bill but help me with small amounts from time to time. 






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