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I subscribed to Amazon Kindle Unlimited long before I discovered Amazon Prime. I love to read and I was travelling a lot so though nothing quite compares to a new book in my hands it didn’t take long for me to begin my download journey especially as my phones got smarter … I still don’t own a Kindle and love the fact that books can be downloaded on any device. This blog piece contains affiliate links because being an Amazon Associate means I can offer free trials of Amazon Kindle Unlimited to horse riders who want to read my books for free. I’d also love it if Riders were to buy a copy but that’s a different blog post…


My Publication Goals

I had a goal to see my ebooks that had nestled into my cloud become live titles and sought to understand KDP. It took a while and I have mapped out the process so I can repeat it with ease as I coax each title out into the spotlight. With only an  iPad it takes a few extra steps to bring my title to the correct format for publication. I still can’t quite stop my internal happy dance each time I visit my Author page. My current study is to design my copy in paperback print friendly format so watch this space. 

What’s in My Library?

I have three titles for horse riders.

My First book is a  Journal For Equestrian Athletes This is a 30 day (and beyond)  journey towards understanding our Athlete identity from a horse riding perspective. 


I’m pleased to release The Equestrian Athlete Programme which helps Riders to connect with their headspace and whilst they work through the book there are prompts to create a bespoke training plan. 


The Feel Good Dressage Formula is a hit with non dressage fans too because it helps riders to discover how to make flatwork fun. 

 Why Kindle Unlimited is ideal for Horse Riders

Did you know that as well as being able to download my titles to your device for free you can read a vast library of Equestrian Titles and a substantial part of the Amazon inventory? That’s a lot of books! You can download newspapers and magazines too. I’d love to know what you think of Kindle Unlimited, please use my free trial to get started. Tell me in the comments if you subscribe. It is completely free and you can cancel at anytime in your membership settings but remember to mark the date and end your trial before your first billing cycle. If you decide to stick with the subscription it’s £7.99 a month. I find this great value and think of it as a form of decluttering with less magazines and read once books demanding storage in my house it’s a win for me! 



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