Rider With A Plan

rider with a plan Jul 21, 2022

Rider With A Plan  is a 12 week programme created by Equestrian Coach Alison Kenward. Learn how to step up a level with new exercises for you and your horse that will guide and challenge you to make a difference. 
Rider With A Plan will prepare you to arrive in the arena with your horse feeling confident that you have a plan to follow each session and teach you how to build a plan that is relevant to your horse now and in the future.

Rider With A Plan is the course for horse riders who want to get better at schooling to improve their horse’s way of going. 
If you are tired of ending up in the school wondering what to do next  or are unsure which exercises will help you to progress, sign up to join the programme. 

Rider With A Plan is for horse riders who want to school to improve their partnership, to ride with clarity and confidence and to structure their training programme to suit their horse and be relevant for them.

Sign up to Rider With A Plan to learn and practice the mental training skills that will develop a positive mindset and help nurture Rider Headspace. 
The 3 month course will help you to develop your technical and mental training skills. There are weekly ridden exercises and Rider tasks to work on out of the saddle. Coach support and guidance, Alison will be active in the exclusive community as well as with Zoom group coaching. Study at your own pace with all you need to learn and practice in your digital hub, course app, resource guides, videos and workbooks. 

Rider With A Plan is the perfect programme for horse owners who want to know what to do when they take their horse to the arena for a schooling session. 

Enrol on a short course to explore more.

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