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confidence mindset wellbeing Sep 24, 2023

The Heroes Riding Club  is ready for you to enjoy. When you sign up you will have an access pass to the Rider Library and The Lounge. You will be welcomed with an email that helps you to navigate and explore your new online home. Head to the Lounge and the Challenges tab. A good place to start is with the Ready Set Go Programme. This is a step by step guide to organising your schooling programme. 

Join the conversation in The Lounge.

When you want to talk to other riders about your horse, swap stories, share ideas, discuss your competition plans, we are here for you in the Lounge.

There are a range of Challenges in the Lounge too. From the initial introduction ice breakers to the more involved tasks to help you work on your partnership with your horse, this is a fun place to hang out. It’s free for everyone too so come and have a look around. 

Explore a range of topics in The Library. 

The open access library brings you 10 great topics to begin exploring your Equestrian Athlete journey. There is no need to work through the topics in any order so dive in and pick an article. Each article has been designed to introduce an idea and has a quick worksheet to help you reflect on what this might mean for you and your horse. 
This is bite sized learning for the busy horse rider. It’s ideal for reading through with a cup of tea and can be filled in online or printed for later. 

Weekly emails delivering your Gold Training.

The Gold Club brings you something new. Every week the training arrives in your inbox complete with links to other ideas around the topic. It doesn’t stop there! There is also a Gold Library and Club room with all the content you need to set your Gold Standard in training. 
Each month your personal invitation to attend a Gold Webinar is delivered to your inbox so you never have to worry about finding the log in details. 

Would you like to claim 4 months of Gold Membership? Visit The Golden Ticket  Page Now.


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