Equestrian Heroes Club

Join the Equestrian Heroes Club and boost your Rider Knowledge and Skills. 

  • Manage your horse life balance.

  • Information you can trust curated by your Club Coach. 

  • Explore systems and strategies.

  • Develop confidence to go for your goals.

Save time and energy by heading to The Library to find content you can trust. Talk to your Club Coach in The Lounge. 

What you'll get:

  • Access Pass to Rider Lounge 
  • Membership of the Rider Library 
  • Coach support from Alison Kenward.

Join now and be part of an amazing group of horse riders who are sharing their experiences as we grow the community. 
Discover the secret to riding at your best with new resources at your fingertips and a Coach / Mentor ready to share valuable insights that you can use right away. 
Heroes brings you the experience of attending a high performance training camp to your online hub. 
Heroes is Not a traditional Riding Club with politics, drama and exhausting travelling to training!

It is a unique space where you can engage with a friendly and supportive community, prepare for your training sessions like a professional rider and work through your personal plan in your own time. 
Equestrian Heroes is a Riding Club to support and guide riders . Heroes helps riders thrive through times of challenge and uncertainty. 
Heroes is about rekindling dreams, developing new knowledge, skills and developing your partnership with your horse. 
Together we celebrate your success!