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Performance Planning? Why you need to book an Equestrian Staycation.

coaching competition confidence equitation horsecare mindset wellbeing Jul 27, 2022

Building a Rider Profile is a valuable way to remind ourselves of our Rider Identity. We are celebrating our personal rider strengths with a simple process that can help us to plan our schooling sessions. This exercise can help us connect with our values and beliefs as we explore our vision of how we want to develop our partnership with our horse. 
Performance profiling is an interactive process that we can share with a training buddy or coach. We want to define our version of success and what ideal looks like now and in a few months time. It’s a combination of setting out our strengths and the elements we want to focus on to develop personal performance. 

To begin a profile we look at five categories of performance traits:

Attitude & Mindset



Understanding of process

Technical skill

Once a profile is created, riders and their coaches have a benchmark for building on strengths. The profile is the base for the goal setting and action planning that follow. 

I cover performance profiling in more detail in the Rider With A Plan Programme. It’s a useful part of every performance plan and can help riders to prepare so that they work in partnership with their horse. It can be a very sociable exercise, a happy hour with colouring pens and a training diary so it’s a regular feature at our performance camps. 
The Rider With A Plan Spring camp at Danesmoor Eventing will feature out of the saddle sessions such as this to help riders refine their season plans as well as exploring their current super strengths. 



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