Happy Christmas 2022

23 & me advent calendar alison kenward equestrian coach happy christmas Dec 25, 2022

I want to begin by thanking Salvation for all the early Christmas presents he shared with me this month. In early December the Online Dressage International Autumn Series concluded with Test C. This was a test that had caused me some anxiety and exhausting training sessions first time around on Show 3. This time it flowed and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was a nerve wracking wait at the scoreboard. We cracked the 70% barrier with some great comments emphasising our clear improvement. I had my eye on the league results and once again it was an anxious few days that seemed to stretch out. An arrival from the postman proved a welcome distraction with an amazing rosette and stable plaque from Dressage Anywhere celebrating our 5th place in the British Dressage Online Championships.. Then the results were out for the Individual League. We WON the Veteran League with the best average score of my career. THEN it was time to wait for the Team League results which I had no idea how to calculate. After another infinitely long and exciting wait the results were announced, Team Elegance of Regina, Roxanne, Cecilia and Myself were the WINNERS. This was the icing on the cake. Salvation has been enjoying a quieter month as we had smashed all of my goals a lot sooner than I had ever dared to dream. Quite simply my goals began with try an online dressage competition , survive Intro tests, practice, try to step up to Prelim… We completed our first Prelim in November with a respectable score and pleasing comments. What a horse. 

I have had some fun sharing gifts with family and friends too. I have enjoyed becoming a sponsor for E Riders Christmas Team Bonanza. Four Team members will receive annual membership of my Dressage Cafe. I’m  looking forward to welcoming them and other new faces to the brand new format Dressage Cafe next year.

I worked with my long term supporters Equilibrium Products to create a Christmas Giveaway for their subscribers and social media followers. I was delighted to welcome the winner and her friend to the second cohort of my Rider With A Plan programme. 

An area I have been exploring recently is Instagram Stories and Meta Reels. I shared a complete mini course in my stories then saved it as a highlight so you really can study on demand. The course is titled Are You Ready To Enjoy Dressage? If this is a topic that resonates why not join me for my 60 minute workshop where you will complete your Performance Cues with me so that you are excited and ready for your riding time in 2023 whatever your discipline. 

Are you looking for a Challenge and some help to Realise Your Competition Dream in 2023? Why not join my January Challenge Club? If you are subscriber to my email list you will receive a Christmas Gift from me AND there is a great discount for my January Challenge Club. Why not sign up to my email list right now and book your discounted place. I’d love to see you enjoying your horses and this is a GREAT place to start 2023


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