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coaching competition confidence equitation horsecare mindset wellbeing Oct 01, 2023

The Equestrian Heroes Online Riding Club opens for Gold Members on October 1st. Horse Riders can consume bite sized learning on a range of topics that will help them work on their riding in and out of the saddle.

HorseTalk & Coach Advice.

Equestrian Heroes Club membership opened in September giving an online space to connect with riders around the world.

Heroes is the entry level membership, open to all. Featuring quick read articles in The Library, a Rider Guidebook with exercises and special offers. There are Challenges to motivate and inspire you and a Rider Lounge for you to talk to other riders and your Club Coach, Alison Kenward. Remember it’s free to join.

If you are looking for Pro Coaching to help you achieve your goals Join Today.

I will help you to boost your rider knowledge and skill. There are exercises to help you manage your horse life balance. The articles and workbooks are written and curated by me to help you explore systems and strategies to find the process that suits you and your horse. Challenges and coaching conversations will help you develop the confidence to go for your goals. Sign Up

Weekly emails delivering your Gold Training.

The Gold Club brings you something new. Every week the training arrives in your inbox complete with links to other ideas around the topic. It doesn’t stop there! There is also a Gold Library and Club room with all the content you need to set your Gold Standard in training.

Each month your personal invitation to attend a Gold Webinar is delivered to your inbox so you never have to worry about finding the log in details.

Join the launch party for your Golden Ticket!

I’m offering readers 4 months of Gold Membership when they sign up and share. In order to enjoy October when we will be Exploring Equitation, November with Mindset Matters, December Going for Gold Advent Calendar and January 21 Day Challenge all you need to do is sign up for the free Heroes Membership and then follow the instructions to share a post to Facebook. This will unlock your Gold Membership. Click for Your Golden Ticket

Check out my Facebook page at 19.30 on 1st October I’ll release a mini webinar. I’m talking about how and why schooling exercises help your horse. I’ll repost it in the Rider Lounge where I’ll take a Q&A in the live meet up zone. Think zoom room but on my website.

I’m excited to be building a community of Riders who live all around the world. Come and join us!





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