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BHS #75ByYourSide

coaching equitation horsecare Nov 05, 2022

I am forever thankful for the horses in my life. Looking back I remember the all consuming wish to have a pony of my own. Later on through Pony Club I got to know the British Horse Society, I remember thinking of it as a organisation for “grown ups”.. Later still when it was time to be thinking of careers, I knew I wanted to take BHS exams. They represented something so special, a sign that I was making progress.

I have written about My Coach Story earlier in my blog sharing the value and the excitement of studying for and passing BHS Exams. I have also started to chronicle the horses in my life beginning with my first pony Toby and continuing with Solitaire. The project is a work in progress so keep an eye out for George’s story.. 

I wanted to mark 75 years of The British Horse Society and encourage my network to share a photo of themselves with their horse(s) with me using the tag #ByYourSide75. The BHS are running this campaign on social media saying in their post “Horses are at the very heart of everything we do! To mark our 75th birthday, we encourage you to join us in celebrating those horses that have been by your side through the good, the bad and the in between.”

I chose a recent photo of Salvation (Humpty) and shared my story so far with my amazing horse friend. Recently I wrote a blog piece about My Return to Competition through Online Dressage with Salvation. He continues to be my inspiration and horse friend. He motivates me to become a better rider and like all my best horse friends he found me first! I know that all of my heart horses have appeared when I needed them most and I think that’s why the #ByYourSide75 resonates. 
I would love to know about your heart horse. Please leave me a comment or share this post and tag me on social media so I can share your story. 

What do you think? Have horses always been by your side? Has discovering a connection with horses become an all consuming passion? 

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