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23 & Me Day Two

coaching Dec 02, 2022

 Are you a busy rider who would like to get better at schooling to improve your horse’s way of going?

Would you like to do more with your horse but are not sure what to do and when?

Would you like Coach support to step up a level with new exercises for you and your horse? 
Do you find yourself lacking motivation sometimes? Are you tired of ending up in the school not knowing what to do next? 

Rider With A Plan is here to help you work on your mindset and structure a training programme that is relevant for you and your horse. 
Are you ready to develop your riding knowledge and skill and to create your personal rider plan to organise and structure your schooling sessions? 

Your Programme Resources  

When you join Rider With A Plan you get a ton of resources to support you. Each month there is a new floorplan and a new book of weekly ridden plans. There are weekly rider tasks and workbooks too. 

The Membership Hub is your space to work through the learning materials each month. There is an App too which means you can access the hub from your phone to take your exercise suggestions with you.  




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