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Step up a level with new exercises for you and your horse. 


What is Rider Smiles About? 

This webinar is the perfect introduction to my coaching programmes for horse owners who want to find harmony with their horse. It’s for every rider who wants to experience the magic they see other riders find with their horse. 
It’s ideal for riders who want to work out how to build a partnership with their horse in order to school and compete, confident that this is a positive experience for their horse too. 

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The next Rider Smile Webinar  is on August 30th 2022. The Rider Smiles Webinar is FREE and comes with special invitations and a free Journal for every attendee.

This is a virtual open day where I will showcase my coaching courses and share my story. I can’t wait to introduce you to my horses and tell you about some valuable lessons I’ve learned whilst training for competitions.


Fun & Clarity Awaits...

Does this sound like you?

Are you a busy rider who would  like to enjoy Dressage without feeling stressed by the challenge? Do you ever feel like schooling  is hard work or maybe you struggle to communicate with your horse? 

Would you like to do more with your horse but are not sure what to do and when?

Would you like to leave behind the stress of schooling concerns and tension to ride to form a connection with your horse based on empathy and trust? 

Rider Smiles is my introduction to my different coaching programmes.  

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What's the Webinar About?

Hoofprints Training Programme

I’m Alison Kenward Equestrian Coach and I created Hoofprints to teach Riders how to prime their mind and focus on bringing consistency to their communication and practice in order to help their horse learn. 

Invitation to Join the Feel Good Dressage Community 

When you join the Feel Good Dressage Programme you will be granted access to an exclusive online community. I’ll be joining the conversations and will be on hand to answer questions as well as offering support. 

My Hoofprints Framework  

The Hoofprints Programme will help Riders to create an optimum performance environment at home. 
When you focus on self care, horse care, communication, coaching and training you are ready to ride. 

Focus on the Positives Every Ride  

I would love for every rider to leave their comfort zone and to test their training progress. Most importantly I’d like everyone to experience riding in such a way that they always look for their strengths. This webinar has been created to give riders some ideas they can use straight away. 

My Online Programmes

I have based my Rider Training Programme on my personal experience of riding, competing and coaching Dressage. 

My Coaching Philosophy is that every horse and rider can build a partnership that enables them to enjoy the ridden work and spending time together.  

Dressage Cafe Bonuses 

When you attend the Rider Smiles Webinar I’ll send you a free copy of my Dressage Cafe Journal. This digital download will guide you through some rider reflections that will help you to process your schooling insights. 


I’m giving every rider a Free Mini Feel Good Dressage Course they can download today. I’ll send an invitation to the exclusive Feel Good Dressage Facebook Group and look forward to meeting you there. 
Look out for other surprises during our time together too. 

How it is delivered

  • Your Rider Smiles webinar is being delivered by Alison on Zoom. 
  • I’ll share my secrets for developing a great partnership with your horse and talk about the ways you can action these.
  • I’ll tell you about the courses and programmes I Coach and let you know how to claim your attendee only discounts and bonuses. 
  • When you sign up for the Feel Good Dressage Mini Course you will also receive an invitation to join the exclusive Facebook Group. Please do introduce yourself to the group. Tell us if you are going to attend the Rider Smiles webinar. 


Are you wondering if you have the time or energy to sign up for the Rider Smiles Webinar? I know that horse riders are busy and I can’t help you with your workload but I CAN help you to feel excited about your Rider development plans AND to explore how you approach your mental preparation for riding. This webinar can help you adopt a new mindset that serves you and your horse as you train together. 


We've Got Your Questions Covered

What do my riders say about my coaching? 


"I love the Ready Set Go download.. I have used it already to help me get in writing what outcome, performance and process goals I want / need to focus on."


"Alison’s thoughtful and positive approach in her workbooks have helped me be not only more reflective about each ride but recognise how I find enjoyment along my journey."

Rider Smiles Webinar


Coaching presentation sharing my top tips.

  • How to enjoy the challenge of training.
  • Ride at Your Best with my Hoofprints framework. 
  • How to change your life as a Working Rider. 
  • Surprise bonuses & extra content 
  • I share my coaching story and describe my relationship with my horses and what they mean to me. 
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Join me for an online webinar.

Would you like to meet Alison and learn about her coaching programmes? 
Alison will explain ways you can nurture your Rider Headspace and share hints and tips you can use at home to develop your partnership with your horse. 

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