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Empowering Equestrians to become Heroes in and out of the saddle.

 Welcome to Equestrian Heroes, where your journey to becoming an Equestrian Hero starts today. I want to help you connect with your horse on a deeper level, to understand them better and to become self aware. I want you to feel independent yet supported. 
Our community is a place where horse owners like you can come together to share success stories, coach insights and explore equestrian content that inspires and educates. I want you to know that you belong here and that your potential is limitless. Your horse believes in you and so do I. 
At Equestrian Heroes, I offer a range of resources to help you achieve your goals, including free content and coaching guidance as well as a free community library of articles and resources.

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Our First Equestrian Heroes Online Dressage Show Hosted by Virtual Horse Sport.
April 20th -22nd 2024.

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With online coaching and guidance you can access help and support when you need it most. There are different ways to connect with me for Coaching as well as a community of horse riders to share the experience of horse ownership with. 

One to one coaching for a series of linked lessons is available to help you to achieve your goals. Don’t worry about the tech set up, I will guide you through the decision making process to choose the best set up for you. 

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I’m excited to share that my brand new course is now ready for enrolments.

It’s the perfect programme for horse owners who want to know what to do when they take their horse to the arena for a schooling session.

It’s ideal for riders who want to do more with their horse, to ride with clarity and confidence. 
Riders will learn and practice the mental training skills that will develop a positive mindset and help nurture Rider Headspace. 


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12 Week Training Programme

Everything you need to work through the programme 

Live Group Coaching Conversations 

Exclusive Challenge Community 

Surprise bonuses & extra content 

Support to complete the Course from Alison Kenward Equestrian Coach

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Are You Ready To Achieve Your Best Test Yet?

This free guide is going to help you create an Action Plan to prepare for your test and to have fun in the build up to the competition and in the test arena too.  

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The Competition Challenge  

 I’ve created a fun challenge for riders who compete online and those who would like to have a go! Simply choose a show to compete with, you might enjoy E Riders, Dressage Anywhere, Virtual Horse Sport and there are others waiting to be explored. You will compete in a class of your choice, join me for an online coaching conversation and then compete again. This is my proven formula for improving your performance in the test arena. 

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Nice to meet you!

I’m a British Horse Society qualified Coach and Dressage Rider with an interest in helping riders connect with their horse. 
I’m fortunate to have worked with some wonderful horses and each new horse I meet reminds me that every horse is special.  
You can contact me on 07874816429


More about me

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Free Equestrian Heroes Club. Be the first to join the Club and explore The Lounge. 


Now Open  

Equestrian Heroes Club. Be the first to join the Club and explore The Rider Lounge. 

Megan Bevan 

I’ve really enjoyed this programme. I felt it really improved my mindset in the lead up to MyQuest regionals. The course helped me with setting small achievable goals throughout the lead up to regionals both on and off the horse to really make me consider what it I want to achieve, how I’m going to achieve it and get the most out of the experience! 

Raphaelle Heaf

Alison’s thoughtful and positive approach in her workbooks helped me be not only more reflective about each ride but recognise how I find enjoyment along my journey. I progressed to take on some 1-2-1 coaching to regain my confidence which had taken a knock and help me refocus on where I want to go. What’s wonderful is the way she guides you to find the steps that work for you. I’m not achieving all my dreams (yet!) but I’m well on my way.

Carolyn Brown

On Saturday we tried some half pass for the first time, Alison gave us some exercises that helped us achieve just a few steps, but those steps felt fantastic and that feeling has given me the confidence to work on this at home. After a lesson with Alison, I always feel I have learned something new, however small, and it makes me feel I can progress both my horse and my riding. It’s important for me to have an instructor that I get on well with and I wholly trust.