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Alison Kenward 

Learn about who you are as a Rider when you study with me.
I became an Equestrian Coach because I love horses. I enjoy spending time getting to know horse and rider partnerships and offering a clear training path to help create a connection. Riding and spending time with horses is fun for me and I firmly believe we all never stop learning from and with our horses. 

Alison Kenward 

 I’m a British Horse Society qualified Coach and Dressage Rider with an interest in helping riders connect with their horse. 
I’m fortunate to have worked with some wonderful horses and each new horse I meet reminds me that every horse is special.  
You can contact me on 07874816429

Hygge for Horse Riders 

Explore the elements of Hygge for Horse Riders and learn how riders can integrate the concept of living comfortable into the often fast paced routine of horse care. There is a soft focus on the benefits of self care for riders and a nudge towards applying the principles of Hygge in creating a personal high performing environment. 

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Equestrian Athlete Programme

Learn how to train to be the BEST Rider YOU can be. We are all Equestrian Athletes, as individual as our horses. Learn about the 6 elements of an Equestrian Athlete Plan and as you complete this course, you will be building your own tailor made plan to nurture your Athlete Identity and to have fun with your horse. 

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