Why We Love the Equestrian Athlete Tee & You Will Too!

coach equestrian athletes clothing horse riders resp active tee shirt Sep 29, 2021
A triptych of photos showing three horsewomen wearing an equestrian athletes tee shirt, a close up of the deep purple and an in the saddle of the Peacoat blue. A lady wearing Peacoat blue is relaxing at a table

The Equestrian Athlete Tee Shirt is far from ordinary! The first thing I noticed was how smart it looked when I was watching my fellow Coach Sarah Gairdner train, then ride, then Coach in the same top still looking cool, calm and collected. We discussed the tech properties of this clever Moulton top and I learnt the material was able to regulate temperature and reduce odours in other words whilst you might be hot and sweaty after riding your horse , when you wear this top you will feel better and be confident to keep going! Designed by RESP Active, the Moulton top is part of a very clever layer system.
I was thinking that as Sarah was a size 8 and looking very athletic jumping her horse, I might not find a size to fit and be stuck with clingy material .. No need to worry, this clothing collection comes in sizes 8-18 and as they are true to U.K. sizes you are in safe hands with this brand.

I tried on the whole range of layers and I can report that they are comfortable. So lightweight, that at first you might be forgiven for wondering if you forgot to get dressed. In fact it’s the way each garment has been shaped to follow your movement and allow you to ride. Designer Carlene Goff, who rides herself, was determined to create a range of rider clothing that bought together the latest innovations in active wear. Carlene understands that Riders are athletes and that their clothes should be high performing too. 

When you add the Moulton tops to your rider wardrobe, the only tough decision you face is whether to wear Deep Purple or Peacoat Blue..

My favourite feature is the fit across my shoulders, if you think about how well a horse will perform with a correctly fitted saddle and a balanced rider, then it will not be a surprise to find that a Rider’s posture will be better when they are comfortable and not restricted in their movement! 
Sarah uses the RESP Active range for the whole team and I was very happy that Carlene has   agreed for her clothes to be branded with my Equestrian Athletes logo. Our fellow Equestrian Athlete Coach Team member Sarah Gowling also recommends RESP Active to her coaching clients. Will you join the team of riders and coaches who love the Moulton Tops? Pictured below is Showjumping Rider Helen Francis.

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