What’s Online for Horse Riders in January 2022?

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A January infographic showing trees with stylised spring blossom as the backdrop for the digital training opportunities for horse riders. Highlighted are The Challenge Club, Ride Fit and the Evening Talks series from Alison Kenward.

Join the Riders who are learning the smart, fun way by attending digital training events giving them more time to spend time with their horses. The training from home revolution is here to stay. Alison Kenward and Sarah Gairdner regularly team up to run training together at Danesmoor Eventing. Recognising that we have Riders ready to learn from across the globe we have expanded our online classes to compliment our home based programmes. 
In the spotlight today are our series of Evening Talks. We begin on January 10th with our interactive seminar “Setting Intentions” Learn more about this and the other events here 


My own 21 Day Challenge for Horse Riders to Realise their Competition Dream happily compliments the evening talks series. Riders need 20 minutes per day to complete the reflection exercises. Running as a Pop Up Club the January Challenge Club membership is value packed for £15. Click here to read more and book your place to join me in the challenge


A favourite class for Riders who want to feel great in the saddle is the weekly 45 minute Ride Fit with Pro S&C Coach Hannah Pask. Yes it’s a challenge that will leave you needing to rehydrate BUT it’s achievable and with all the exercises having adaptations the online class will help you develop your fitness at a safe pace for you.






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