What does Hygge Mean for Horses & Their Riders?

equestrian lifestyle find your calm hygge hygge for horse riders Jun 19, 2021

Hygge may not have a direct translation but don’t let that stop you from learning more about this way of life. Hygge is best described as a feeling of living well. It’s not a ruthless editing of your daily life to fit a mould. It’s about adding your awareness of the moments to appreciate the here and now. 
Looking after horses is hard work and many might wonder where they will find the time to think about, never mind integrate self care into their days. It is possible to apply the principles of Hygge to your own personal high performing training environment. Part of becoming the Rider you want to be is to take steps to enhance your performance lifestyle. 

What are the Six Elements of Hygge for Riders? 

  1. Hygge To be active is to be alive.
  2. Hygge Is a quiet sense of ease.
  3. Hygge Prioritise Your people. 
  4. Hygge Find your balance.
  5. Hygge The absence of anything annoying or overwhelming.
  6. Hygge Making Time for reflection.



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