What Are Your Training Options This Year?

quiz training Jul 31, 2022

Have you been thinking lately about how to ride at your best? Are you confident that you know what this means for you and your horse? How will you make sure your riding time is fun for both of you?

I created a quick and easy quiz to help riders explore different coaching options and to introduce some of the programmes I offer. Every quiz gives you free mini guides to inspire and motivate you to enjoy your schooling sessions. Your personalised guide will be ready for you to download at the end of the quiz. 

The quiz aims to help you discover some fun training options and look at things that might be on your mind when you think about training.

Do you want to work at your own pace with short courses prepared by an expert coach? 
Do you want to join a cohort of riders for a longer course with regular coach support? 
Do you want to bring your horse for a training break that fits around work and family commitments? 
Do you want to receive regular live coaching sessions?

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