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The must have HorzeHoods Performance Collection

confidence mindset wellbeing Oct 15, 2023

 I was researching competition wear and HorzeHoods had the best combination of style and function with their white grey riding tights. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were to wear and ride in. Soon I added a couple of pairs of everyday breeches and again I was impressed. An added bonus was that they wash and dry very quickly and retain their shape and colour. Next I purchased another pair of competition breeches and a Tudor inspired shirt. This felt comfortable and looks great too. 
I saw on their socials that there was a big collection launch and I was excited to join the countdown to seeing what was new!

Wow. We were promised clothes that would bring performance back to Equestrian Clothing. I chose 2 pairs of breeches in navy, one with fleece lining for winter. Curious, I added a pair of performance socks and I thought at first the feature was the logo. Then I put them on and couldn’t believe the fit, feel and comfort. With winter in mind I also chose a red hoodie and a lightweight coat to compliment my capsule wardrobe. I was impressed with the fit which is a real selling point for this brand and well deserved because when you buy from HorzeHoods you can trust the sizing. More than that, wearing clothes that feel this good really boosts my confidence. They really were not kidding when they described the winter wear as warm! 
Shop my favourite pieces on the website. 

Navy Contraflex Performance Leggings.

Navy Bionic 2 Performance Coat.  

Red Thermal Performance Hoodie.

Black Tudor Shirt. 

White Grey Competition Leggings 

Navy Ultraheat Contraflex Leggings 

Dark Navy Performance Crew Socks





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