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National Equine Show Online Dressage Championships 2024

competition Jan 31, 2024

 The National Equine Show is back for a 2nd Year and I’m delighted to be returning in my Ambassador Role. Last year one of my favourite stands was created by E Rider. The team had spent hours decorating with rosettes and lots of riders were rushing to enter the NES Championships.

Imagine my excitement when I was invited to enter the Ambassador Class and to try the new website features. 
It has a lovely fresh feel that I’ve captured in a screen grab video to share with you. It’s simple to navigate and my first job was to sign up as a Rider. I had saved my membership details from the original site so it was quick to set up. I chose the Ambassador Class and entered the Preliminary Competition. 
Then it was time to film my test which this time was 2B.


Ask your camera person to stand at C and make sure they are ready to film in landscape. You will come close to C and introduce yourself and your horse, state the month and competition and the test you will present and off you go. 

Riding the test at home still feels like a test environment. My top tip is to remember to breathe and smile. Then think about setting your horse up for each moment so you have the chance to show your horse to their best advantage.
My Mum is my camera person and we always hold our breath to make sure we were recording and that we haven’t finished up in slo mo but to be fair this has only happened a couple of times! Thankfully not on this Championship Test Day. I enjoyed presenting the test and Humpty was happy to be back in the white boards.
I like to upload my tests to YouTube and then I share that link in the box next to the class I’ve entered. You will be able to see the class(es) you are entered into in your account details section. If the worse happens and you do upload the wrong video, contact the team at E Riders before the test is Judged and they will help you to change to the correct link. If you prefer you can upload your video straight to the e rider website, this is quick and easy to do. Stay on the page until the upload is complete. You will then see you have an entry waiting to be judged.

Refresh Day is the day that E Riders publish the results on Facebook, it’s usually the 2nd of the month though Championship Shows are sometimes given a different day and this will be published on the social feeds for you to mark in your diary. I will write a Part 2 for this blog to show how we got on and to share the process for downloading your test sheets and navigating the scoreboards.




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