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Making friends with ChatGPT

coaching Feb 12, 2023

There has been a buzz around ChatGPT in the digital marketing world and beyond. The FEI explored a conversation about top horses and riders. I have previously used the conversation generator in the same sort of way as a Google Search. I have been a little wary of using the tool to generate copy. I decided to make friends and talk about horses. I thought it would be interesting to explore partnership against the backdrop of Valentine’s Day. 
Initially I introduced prompts as a conversation starter to discover the nature of responses. It’s impressive how the AI can use its programme to deliver mostly relevant replies. Dig a bit deeper refining your questions to explore a style of chat and the fun starts. I was very amused at the output when I asked for help to write a Valentines Card to my horse. By now I was wondering if the model might expand to writing poetry and its answer was “of course.” The verse it generated once again had me laughing, though some resonated and were a meaningful representation of my sentiments.

My curiosity lead me to question whether it might write a letter to a language AI model explaining the bond with horses. The response tugged at my heart strings. I perhaps am biased because it pulled together the elements and emotional descriptions from our chat. It was easy to let my imagination run wild to a future where a robot might seek out a horse to love, to ride, to bond with? Could the insights from our conversation shape its understanding? The Coach in me wonders if a robot could be taught empathy and feel, to ride with patience and sensitivity. To have a different type of conversation? 



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