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January Horse Riding Challenge

coaching competition confidence equitation horsecare mindset wellbeing Jan 09, 2023

What is the January Challenge Club? 

Challenges are more fun in the company of friends. I created the January Club so that Riders can make new friends within the community. The club setting also gives me the opportunity to Coach riders through the process of defining their personal blueprint in a relaxed and supportive online environment.

The Challenge begins on January 10th. You will be able to work through the daily topics at home. Your workbook introduces guided reflections for you to work through each day. Each topic brings you one step closer to realising your competition dream. I’ll be dropping into the group every day to chat and answer questions. I’m looking forward to the group coaching conversation on January 22nd. The Challenge concludes on January 30th and we will celebrate with an online Graduation Party on January 30th. 

When you join the January Challenge Club, the printable handbook is yours to download.

 There are a mix of reflection and journaling activities each day that will help you to figure out your competition rider mindset as well as exploring how you can look after your horse’s every need whilst arriving at competition days ready to enjoy the challenge ahead. 

To celebrate RED Together I’m giving this challenge away free. Simply sign up here 




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