Ice Cream Sunday

alison kenward equestrian coach ariat equestrian haagen dazs imperial riding naylors pikeur ps of sweeden sunday self care Apr 24, 2022

White Peach is my favourite fruit so whenever Haagen Dazs include this delicate flavour I know I want to try it. It’s an ideal treat for a Sunday supper time after a day enjoying quiet time. 
How do you treat yourself? I like to window shop with Naylors and plan my wardrobe refresh. These colours and flavours swirl well together. If I might transport you to my lounge for a moment we are still enjoying our Easter flowers with a bouquet of delphinium, alstroemeria and the most incredible peach / apricot roses. The sun is shining, the windows are open and the scent of spring hyacinths floats in. It’s a shock to look at my calendar and find that we are just a week away from May!
Scroll down to look at the clothes I’ve added to my wish list. I am a Naylors Affiliate so if you do decide to add to your basket and shop from my link I will earn a small fee. In the meantime though simply join me as we window shop and if you try this season’s limited edition Haagen Dazs (no link but I purchased mine from Waitrose..) please let me know. 


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