How can You save energy and money competing this season?

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How can you balance your horse life? What does this look like to you? Is it about making sure both you and your horse have all that you need to maintain your health and wellbeing? Is it about managing the expectations and demands you face from work, from family, from an incredibly full daily schedule? 
How do you meet the high costs of horse care and competition that you need to pay for with more than money? I’m talking here about the emotional energy you need to manage and top up in order to ride well and perform at your best? Where does a coaching programme fit into your budget? Could it really help you to save your energy and thrive in times of uncertainty, meeting challenges with confidence and a sense of assurance? Read on because I’m going to share how the Tiny Changes coaching days will help you to find clarity around performing at the next level. This programme defines with you your benchmarks for competition, aligning what you do in training with what you can expect to do in competition so you feel prepared and confident. 

The Tiny Changes day camps break the mould of traditional coaching clinics and camps by giving each rider their own training plan. The Coach Team of Tiny Clapham, Alison Kenward and Sarah Gairdner bring together a wealth of riding, competition, coaching and performance management experience to support each rider. At a Tiny Changes day camp each rider is able to spend extra time with the coaches so that they ride and prepare with confidence and belief in themselves and their horse. 
Have you thought about your vision for your 2022 milestones yet? Part of the programme includes exploring your personal expectations, priorities, hopes and ambition for the year ahead. The Coach Team will guide you through exercises you can use at home and explain their set up, their reasoning behind matching specific exercises to your horse’s programme and discuss ways you can assess readiness, progress, communication and understanding at home. 

At the heart of Tiny Changes is a shared ethos that positive energy attracts positives results. 
We coach riders to think, to feel, to act or to simply be in a moment. When we as riders are present in the moment we are able to make decisions. The Tiny Changes Programme coaches riders to make the right decisions. 

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