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How I Discovered Dopamine Dressing with Pinterest

wellbeing Feb 03, 2022

I am a Pinterest Creator who fell in love with the platform on Day One. It’s my kind of social media where insight and exploration meets digital mood boards. A cool feature the Pinterest editorial team have developed is  Pinterest predicts and boy would I love to join that committee for a day in the life of trendsetters and visionaries.

Back to my headline. Dopamine Dressing. Now what the heck is that or perhaps I should ask what will it be?  I jumped on this trend that was introduced in the daily Pinterest inspiration feed with the posing of a question. “Can you dress yourself happy? Go ahead and taste the rainbow in mood- boosting brights and bolds.” 


I looked in my wardrobe and inspiration for this trend was before my eyes. It seems that whilst I view my identity as a blue palette in actuality I am a colour magpie and have a type! Eurasian Teal, Deep Purple, Bold Pink tick tick tick. On the television Bridgetown and this week The Gilded Age speak to me through the richness of the costumes and the story lines bring eye candy too. So colour is a mood booster. I think Dopamine Dressing goes a step deeper. It’s about mindfulness in dressing. The choices we make putting together outfits can and will have an impact on how we feel that day.

As a horse rider colour appeals to me. Fit, function and performance are my must haves when choosing clothes. Apart from being a comfort loving creature I actually need freedom of movement as well as freedom of expression! The clothes we wear are part of our identity and representative of our values. We can choose to adopt new values and engage with new thought patterns and behaviours so it makes sense to me as Pinterest suggests that we can indeed dress ourselves happy.



What do you think? Do you find yourself thinking about your outfit and whether you and your horse are well matched. Would you consider taking the trend in hand with contrasting bright colours. I’ve dressed a chestnut in burnt orange and bright blues wearing bright colours myself. Sometimes looking in the mirror makes me smile and whatever my horse truly thinks of my outfit choice we find a sense of connection through the smile and happy energy. Let me know in the comments if your equestrian wardrobe can boost your mood? 


 Check out my favourites shown above -  all with Equestrian Athletes Branding 

Deep Purple Tee

Deep Purple Jumper

Peacoat Blue Coat 

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