How Hygge Helps Horse Riders

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My take on Hygge for Horse and Rider is shaped by my experience and observations of thriving in a challenging industry. Horse Riders might face long hours, contrary weather, injury to horses and themselves and yet we push on. I am certain that we each find a unique way of coping with the rollercoaster emotions. I can also say that success is underpinned by maintaining our performance lifestyle so that we can keep up with the demands of our busy lives. 
A Hygge lifestyle has six elements that will nurture riders and remind them to practice self care. Hygge is also a Mindset that helps us to appreciate everyday life. My Hygge workbook is included to inspire riders to explore their sense of wellbeing and to reflect on their training partnership with their horse. 







NEW for 2022 exclusive to Equestrian Heroes, I’m offering a limited number of Riders the opportunity to work with me to create their Rider Training & Wellbeing Plan. The focus is on performance lifestyle and performance environment. A new way to implement small changes that will leave you feeling ready for the season ahead. 

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