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February is coming

mindset wellbeing Jan 30, 2023

I’m writing on the last Monday of January. The 21 Day Challenge finished yesterday, two of my cohorts have passed their first month and I’m thinking ahead to my Spring dressage season. My rider reflections have been around nurturing energy and lightness against a canvas of mud, rain and the short days. Days that both rush through the calendar leaving me short on perceived time and conversely drag at my heels sapping my energy. 
Where has the sense of new beginnings and excitement from New Year taken to hiding?

Energy plays hide and seek in between attitude and perspective. So I decided to bring my focus towards what of January I wanted to bring to the new month. I enjoyed the opportunity to Plan, Organise, Rethink and Consider. I have a sound competition plan that is exciting and achievable. It has plenty of room for adaptations. I have made space for myself to think about my creative content. I am part of CIMSPA’s Gold Digital Accelerator. This fun fast paced programme has afforded me plenty of opportunity to rethink and consider how I utilise my love of creating content. 

So what of February? How can I move forwards in my business and riding life? What do I want to Spotlight? How do I want to spend my time? 
My first choice will always be to ride and spending time with Salvation is what makes me feel alive. My sense of identity is entwined with being a rider, a horse person, a dressage competitor. The second strand of time will be claimed by my creativity and this sub divides again to coaching and creating content for my digital spaces and clients. 
It’s rare for me to write a blog whilst planning my content. It’s perhaps a bit like a song writer inviting an audience to observe the moments of inspiration that demand to be heard but are not yet tangible to their creator. I have decided that my February content theme will be formed around how I want to feel in 28 days time. In real terms, I can’t share spoilers because my content is not yet on a page. It’s not ready to make a public appearance and I have a mind to invite others to the social scene. The latter takes time to arrange, schedule, edit and share but it’s going to be worth hanging around for!

My feelings prompt for my February content recipe is Nourish, Lavish, Flourish and Savour. I have the sense that if I can deliver this for my social community, then my attitude and perspective will be positive and primed for Spring. 
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