Dressage Cafe is Open

alison kenward equestrian coach dressage cafe Jan 14, 2023

Join the Dressage Cafe and Remember why you enjoy Dressage.

Sport and horsemanship are tough paths to take and the journey has to be positive for the partnership to thrive. Today find a quite spot to reflect on..

☕️What does Dressage represent for you and your horse?

☕️How will you strengthen your partnership through Dressage practice? 

☕️Enjoy the wins from achieving your performance stepping stones and appreciate the impact these wins have on your development.

When you sign up to Dressage Cafe, you will reconnect with the Dressage elements that make you smile and anchor your Dressage adventures.You will be able to try new exercises so there is no need for you and your horse to get bored of the same old circles. 

With Coach guidance to introduce and understand new moves it’s your turn to:

  • Refresh Your schooling sessions. 
  • Notice the difference in your horse’s way of going. 
  • Understand how the patterns link together and what to include to help your horse grow in confidence and arena presence.

Dressage Cafe presents you with a new kind of learning experience. Riders will have a different perspective of arena craft and what it takes to present their horse’s strengths. You horse will be motivated to own their arena time with you and show off their paces for the joy of movement. 

This Dressage Experience Is For You If You Want To..

  • Be more confident to achieve your Dressage goals and create new ones. 
  • Learn how to present your best test on demand. 
  • Nurture your Dressage mindset and savour your success. 
  • Share your Dressage passion with other riders and unwrap new insights to boost your Dressage knowledge. 
  • Connect with a Pro Coach to breeze through your training sessions and build a great partnership with your horse. 

   Sign up here today Dressage Cafe Monthly Membership 


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