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2022 challenge club alison kenward equestrian coach digital training exercises for horse & rider rider development pathway Feb 02, 2022
A deep blue infographic showing the 12 months of topics covered in the rider development pathway of the challenge club. Stylised horses and flowers border the multi coloured timetable.

The January 21 Day Challenge was a success. I wanted to evolve the daily challenge into a 12 month programme with a different topic spotlighted each month to help riders to be able to put theory into practice.

Introducing The Challenge Club.

Each month challengers will be able to access premium content to help them explore and action learning. Using a mix of online resources, Riders will have the opportunity to be coached by me and the time to work through the exercises at their own pace. Towards the end of each month I will host a zoom group coaching session. 

We begin on February 7th with the first three Scales of Training. I will help Riders to understand the steps they can take to action the principles that underpin our understanding of Dressage and Flatwork. Riders from any discipline will find value in this month as I bring the focus towards how your horse might view the lessons and how to “sell” schooling sessions to the reluctant horse who may not yet understand what you are trying to achieve…
As the year progresses we will look at the equitation theory and practical application of lateral work, gymnastic development for your horse, using an arena or schooling space to make the most of the familiar patterns we find in tests and training. 

At the heart of this programme is my desire to help riders recognise their personal development pathway. The principles I use to Coach riders to success have been translated into self paced study and group challenges. Riders will be able to adapt the exercises to suit their current needs and I will be on hand in the exclusive community group to answer questions and offer feedback. 
Full programme details are  here