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Beyond Black Friday with Equestrian Heroes

coaching Nov 25, 2022
  • I hope you will tune into my blog posts beyond Black Friday because I have so many exciting ideas, insights and offers to share with you. But I couldn’t resist a Black Friday blog post because Pivo, Equicoat and The National Equine Show have some very exciting offers in place. I will share my affiliate links because that is how my Brand Ambassador Roles Function, but I promise I only share products I use and believe in. I own an Equicoat, I use a Pivo and I ordered tickets for The National Equine Show the moment they were available! 

Then I thought why not create a discount for two of my signature offers?  Dressage Cafe Membership and Rider With A Plan January 23 Cohort.  So here we go a short blog post with 5 very special offers right here in this post complete with how to claim instructions. I hope you are as excited as I am and not too overwhelmed with the business of inbox offers to read on..

  1. Let’s start with Pivo. Click here to purchase an Equestrian Edition Pivo with 50% off at the time of writing this Black Friday. 

  2.  Will you join my Dressage Cafe? We open online in December. With Annual Membership you can save 30% this weekend and a little beyond to fit in Cyber Monday and time zones. You will find the offer here with the discount applied. 

  3. Equicoat is my current wardrobe essential. A must for rainy days I have also taken to wearing it to stay warm after riding to keep aches and pains at bay. Equicoat are only offering discounts through their Coach Ambassador Programme. Use my code ALISONK10  to save £10 off your coat Shop Here.

  4. I’m excited to partner with The National Equine Show as an Ambassador. You can claim free tickets for the show in March on 4th / 5th when you use my code AKENWARD. Book here to join me at The NEC Birmingham. 

  5. The second cohort of my Rider With A Plan course begins on January 5th. You can save 30% when you book this weekend. Find the Offer Page here. 

Bookmark my Celebrate Your Horse Blog because my Advent Calendar returns for Season 11 and once again we are counting down to Christmas together. I have already chosen a Christmas Present for all of my readers and it’s a great one. No purchase will be required and full details of how to download this year’s gift will be released during Advent. For now I hope you enjoy a weekend with your horses and perhaps a little shopping! 


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