3 Reasons Why Riders look forward to weekends with their horse

horse rider horse riders who have to work during the week riding horses at the weekend weekend Aug 01, 2021
Alison Kenward Equestrian Coach Insights

Horse Riders love to ride. More important than that though, they love to spend time with their horses, to hang out, to share their space and energy, to make sure they have everything they need .. so the 3 reasons they most look forward to the weekend might surprise a non horse person but perhaps they resonate with you? 

1 They look forward to setting the alarm. Yes you read that right, they look forwards to early starts because it’s a choice. Those early weekend alarm calls represent freedom because riders are making the choice to get up and go even if their horses are hitting the snooze button.

2 Riders look forward to working long hours at the weekend. Their place of work is quite naturally at the stables or barn, where they somehow manage to enter a bubble of time and space centred around the needs of their horse. Cleaning, organising, catching up on chores, their stamina surpasses any endurance athlete. Their weekend supervisors continue to eat and snooze perhaps flicking an approving ear from time to time. 

3 Riders sign up for regular tough challenges. These challenges test physical, mental and emotional fitness and have strict and variable dress codes. For Riders who work during the week, the weekend brings opportunities to compete in a wide variety of disciplines. Competitions also present logistical challenges that are not for the faint hearted as equipment for horse and rider needs to be checked and packed up. Horse have enough equipment to fill their tour bus (horsebox) and a requirements list to rival any rockstar.

Still, the only thing a Horse Rider looks forward to as much as  a weekend with horses is perhaps the opportunity to talk to other horse riders about their weekend. 

What do weekends look like for you and your horse? Let me know! 

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