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5 Things for Equestrians to Explore Today

mindset Oct 10, 2022

Mental Health is in the spotlight today. I’m going to share 5 signposts for exploring content and ideas that I have created with a focus on wellbeing for Equestrians. My bonus tip is about cultivating a generous mindset and how this can change your equestrian performance environment and lifestyle. Read on!

  1. 1 I am so pleased you are here reading my blog. I named it Celebrate Your Horse because I have seen first hand the importance of letting our horses know they are valued. My blog is centred around my thoughts and opinions on equestrian topics, my experiences as a rider and my coach insights. If there is a topic or a question you would like me to consider leave a comment or drop me an email. 
  2. 2  Dressage is one of my favourite equestrian disciplines and I can imagine some riders might roll their eyes at the prospect. I created my Feel Good Dressage programme to bring a fresh perspective and mindset to what Dressage means. Dressage for me is about both horse and rider finding a way to school that is fun, that builds a partnership built on trust and communication. Are you ready for another look at Dressage? Sign up to my  FREE Feel Good Dressage Challenge today! 
  3. 3 I find that writing a journal to help with my rider reflection (making sense of what I felt, saw, experienced..) is a very soothing habit. I experience a full range of emotions every time I ride, my motivation and confidence levels ebb and flow, this is part of being human! To be able to make sense of it all and connect the dots between my riding knowledge and what’s happening day to day is a very important self care practice. Talking to other riders helps and that is part of the reason my Dressage Cafe training evolved to an online membership. I’ve created a free Dressage Cafe Journal. Download your copy and make it your own. 
  4. 4 Equestrian Coaching can sometimes be a lonely journey filled with business tasks that are less enjoyable than the coaching sessions we thrive on. I’ve created an Equestrian Coach Club to help navigate the pressures of growing your coaching business. There are almost done for you marketing templates and guidance to cut through the noise of the latest must have marketing resources or “7 figure growth templates” that don’t factor in the time energy and resources needed to get you to the arena feeling fresh and ready to deliver great coaching sessions. Would you like to learn more about my value packed programme that will help you market and promote yourself as an Equestrian Coach? Read more
  5. 5 I Coach because I enjoy helping riders build a partnership with their horse that makes it possible for them to achieve their goals and find a true connection. At the heart of it all I want riders to have fun and to see them smile from the inside out because riding is their time with their horse. I created Rider Smiles a short webinar you can enjoy in under 40 minutes with coaching tips you can use today. 
    Have a look now or bookmark the page for later, you can watch on demand and I promise it’s more than a templated sales pitch. On Demand Webinar 

What is a Generous Mindset and how can it boost mental health and wellbeing for everyone in your network? 

Horses have taught me about generosity of spirit and the value of kindness. Horses are herd animals and show us that it is good to work together for the benefit of our community. Have you ever paused to consider the atmosphere at your stables? Horse Owners who stable at livery yards will no doubt be able to paint a picture of the impact of the behaviour of others on the feel, the atmosphere of the yard. No matter how big or small the gatherings if you look to the horses you can gauge the vibe or the energy of the yard and the people who visit. As a Coach I’ve had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of lots of stables and what is important I believe is how harmonious the environment feels. 
A generous mindset can have a big impact on how everyone in your horse world feels and in turns behaves. What does it mean to be generous as an equestrian? It begins with noticing your surroundings and the interactions between horse and riders. Can you bring a positive attitude, a helping hand, a kind word? A listening ear, a sense of patience and empathy to the yard? 

Have you noticed that sometimes it can feel impossible to bring change to negative situations? It can require a leap of faith to invest that part of yourself that relies on a level of trust that your intentions will be perceived as they were intended and that your energy will be appreciated or indeed handed on. This is where mindset comes into the equation. You will need to believe in the value of generosity and be optimistic about the endless potential of positive energy and the bank of goodwill. As a Coach I can assure you that your horse and those around you will notice first. Generosity requires a level of contentment that can’t be diminished by sharing with others and a contented rider will always be recognised by a horse. It makes sense then that studies have shown that generosity leads to greater contentment. It’s worth noting that people who witness generosity will in turn be more generous to others and this has to be a compelling case for practising a generous mindset. Remember than you can be kind to yourself too. Let me know what you think, do you notice when the flow of positive energy finds it way through your performance environment? 

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