Life Goals 3 Great Reasons to Start a List

alison kenward equestrian coach life goals list motivation Jan 23, 2023

The Life Goals List is a new style journaling prompt that might just shape your year with your horse.
Ponder the question, “What would it take for you to aim for your dreams?” 
Start writing with a brainstorming session to gather your thoughts before listing some life goals. You might find you naturally create some headings such as a travel or competition challenges. You might enjoy the chance to let your ideas tumble onto the page. How you create Your List is up to YOU. 

1 The Life Goals List is an open space for your imagination and creativity. Give yourself “free rein” to let your intuition surface.

2 Making a list is an easier project than a vision board. I’m a big fan of creating vision boards and letting myself visualise new projects, new adventures, new trends. As much fun as these creative projects are I find the simple act of putting pen to paper brings a clearer focus. 

3 You set the parameters of your list. It’s personal to you and can be a perfect sounding board for your inner voice. Should you choose,  you can explore your goals and work from the list to create stepping stone goals.

I had some fun creating different edits. Check out my Equestrian Coach Life Goals below.


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