23 & Me Day Twenty Three

23 & me advent calendar alison kenward equestrian coach day twenty three advent calendar Dec 23, 2022

Who Am I? 

I’m Alison Kenward and I see myself as a Modern Equestrian. I am a horse rider and Equestrian Coach open to modernising our sport to share our love of horses.

I am committed to making coaching accessible through digital media and tech as well as supporting global connections. Visit my digital bookmark and why not save it? 

I currently ride an amazing horse named Salvation who at 22 is wowing Dressage Judges in the Online Dressage World. We are members of two successful teams. My team mates live in different time zones but we are connected by our love of our horses. I compete for Solitaire Dressage in Dressage Anywhere Team League and for Team Elegance in the Online Dressage International Team League. I also compete as an individual with four amazing online Shows. Dressage Anywhere, Online Dressage International, Virtual Horse Show and E Riders. 



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