23 & Me Day Twenty Four

23 & me advent calendar alison kenward equestrian coach day twenty four advent calendar Dec 24, 2022

What’s my Vision?

  • I aim to cultivate  and promote a Generous Mindset.
  • I aim to support Equestrians to appreciate and encourage social connection, understanding and acceptance of the horse rider partnership.
  • I want to discuss the expectations of Gen Z who will drive the industry forwards for the next generation.
  • I plan to explore how to stay relevant as Equestrians in the modern world.
  • I want to be part of an Equestrian Industry that recognises and champions the importance of appreciating sustainability and protecting the natural environment.
  • I am committed to celebrating our horses and the fun we share with them. My coaching and riding philosophy is rooted in a respect and admiration for all horses. It is part of my identity to be connected to and caring for horses. 

I have so many ideas and Coach insights to share and I hope you will enjoy reading my blog into 2023. I hope that tomorrow you will check into read my Christmas blog piece and that you are ready to enjoy Christmas with your friends, family and horses. 


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