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23 & Me Day Three

coaching Dec 03, 2022

 Calling Equestrian Coaches, Business Owners and Riders have you seen  The Equestrian Coach Club yet?

This online membership programme will show you step-by-step how to use social media to market and sell your coaching sessions and to establish your expert status.

There is an enthusiastic market of horse riders looking for inspiring coaching sessions and the opportunity to learn and train with you.

With this club, you’ll learn how to:

  • Share Your Profile & Build a Personal Brand 
  • Market to your audience & connect with your customers
  • Improve Your Business visibility & Business management

After just 4 weeks, you’ll have clarity on your profile and be ready to build your brand. Then each month you will learn how to create shareable content that supports & grows your business. Together we will make social media, email marketing and your personal web profile page become your shop window.

Equestrian Coach Club  is for anyone looking to grow their coaching business.The learning objective is to create a connection and purpose to your Business development and growth plan implementation. 

Your Profile Page will have a unique link that you can share so that you have a central landing page for your Bio, links to your offers and events. Your Clients will be able to see your profile when you share across social media, through marketing communications and other creative ways to signpost to your page. 



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