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23 & Me Day Nine

coaching Dec 09, 2022

 Embrace an Athlete Identity

Adopting an athlete identity and behaviours can feel like a curious choice when we want to concentrate on riding better and enjoying our horses. Every Rider is an athlete and we might have conflicting ideas about what being an athlete means. The truth is that high performing athlete behaviours are useful performance models to think about. As with all learning and training we always have a choice which ideas and processes to adopt. The aim of this mini course is to encourage you to find the fun in thinking like an athlete, to help you build a great partnership with your horse. 

My Equestrian Athlete Programme introduces 24 ways to connect with your rider headspace. I also share the 6 elements of your equestrian plan and ways to integrate the insights into your riding routines. The book and its companion The Equestrian Athlete Journal are both available on Amazon. 
The Journal is both a space to record your thoughts and a coached guided reflection programme. The main focus of the Journal is working on rider headspace. 



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