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23 & Me Day Four

coaching Dec 04, 2022


Together we will work through business development tasks that will help you to level up your core growth. The growth module will help you expand your programmes and scale your business. This module includes:

  • Build or Revitalise Your Website 
  • E Commerce & Data Source Feeds Solutions
  • Build a Course
  • Grow meaningful Membership Programmes
  • Community Matters

Be part of our unique network of Coaches who are open to sharing insights, knowledge, opportunities for collaboration and a community of practice with an emphasis on coach business growth, marketing and personal branding!

Connect with your audience on social media and learn how and what to share to promote your Coaching Business. The communication module includes:

  • Create Your Facebook Assets
  • Google Map Your Business
  • LinkedIn Business Networking
  • How to connect with Instagram
  • Pinterest Trends & SEO secrets
  • Tik Tok Your Business

As a Member of the Equestrian Coach Club you will learn how to streamline your marketing process as well as creating content that will please your customers.

The Equestrian Coach Club was born during lockdown when I supported a team of Coaches to develop and grow their online presence. We were able to learn more about supporting each other and our riders with innovative tech solutions allowing us to not only stay connected but also to refine our traditional and digital coaching offers. 




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