23 & Me Day Eighteen

23 & me advent calendar alison kenward equestrian coach day eighteen advent calendar Dec 18, 2022

There are 4 components of the Coach to Coach programme.

  • Personal Brand
  • Marketing Communication
  • Online Coaching
  • Community 

What can you expect from the Coach to Coach programme?

The programme is about User Experience. Coaches and Riders will have the opportunity to explore the Kajabi Platform and visualise how they might customise the platform for their own customers and stakeholders. The Business Lounge, Coach Hub and onboarding pathway are designed to introduce you to the brands and products I work with. There will be special offers and affiliate links along the way. 

Creating Your Brand Identity 

Have you ever wished to create a cohesive brand for your business? Have you wondered about blogging, podcasting, social media? I will be sharing step by step articles to guide you as you share your brand narrative in the online world. 

Marketing Comms

Share your message your way. From emails to newsletters, blogs to podcasts and landing pages to open a dialogue. Deliver your message from your Kajabi site. 

Online Coaching

Use your Kajabi site to monetise your knowledge and resources. Next level digital coaching products are ready for you to share. Get ready to wow your audiences. 

Community - All You Need

Sign up for the free Hub to experience one way to use the Kajabi membership product. See how easy it would be for your business to run a profitable membership. 
I’ll share how to use email marketing to engage your audience and simple ways to automate your workflows. 

The Hub


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  • Kajabi Insights & Ideas 
  • Shopping Suggestions for Your Business
  • One World. Brands who protect the environment 
  • Unlimited access to my business guides and signposts to resources I have found invaluable. 
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