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Free Online Coaching with Heroes Membership.

Equestrian Heroes Club 

I created Heroes to share my love of horses and my training philosophy of putting our horse’s needs first. 
We all need to connect with others who believe in the growth potential of every horse and rider partnership to thrive.

You can be a part of the riding club that gives you more. Find exercises to revitalise your schooling sessions with Coach guidance to help you progress. 
Explore a Library full of bite sized learning. Select a topic, read the article and perhaps discuss your ideas in the Rider Lounge.

The Lounge is a meeting space for riders from around the world. Join Live Meet Ups, share your horse stories and enjoy the Rider Reward Offers. 

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Your Success Plan

Making Connections & Joining the Dots. 

A Fresh Perspective & the Heroes Club Promise.

Heroes is here for You and Your Horse.

Hi there, I'm Alison!

I’ll be your Club Coach. I have been involved in lots of Riding Clubs as a Rider and a Coach.

When I began to build my website I was determined to bring a positive space for riders to the online world.

I am focussed on recreating the ultimate coaching environment. I enjoy delivering sessions in indoor arenas at special performance day camps and I wanted to share this experience with riders online.

A good performance environment is important for horse and rider to learn.

I concentrate on simple steps and super strengths.

Riders can think about their mindset, to ride in the now and to feel good about their riding.

I am bringing all your favourite aspects of riding and connecting with other riders to Heroes - Your Online Riding Club. 

Heroes Online is Open Now

Are You facing challenges in your valuable riding time? 

Do you wish you had Coach support to understand the issues and figure out what’s holding you back? 
There are many reasons riders feel uncertain and start to look for solutions.

With Google search a click away to begin our research it’s possible to become overwhelmed with information.

Working with a Coach can support you as a rider as you confront the “if only..” and consider “Why did this happen?”


Making Connections and Joining the Dots. 

Discover the secret to riding at your best with new resources at your fingertips and a Coach / Mentor ready to share valuable insights that you can use right away. 
Heroes brings you the experience of attending a high performance training camp to your online hub. 
Heroes is Not a traditional Riding Club with politics, drama and exhausting travelling to training!

It is a unique space where you can engage with a friendly and supportive community, prepare for your training sessions like a professional rider and work through your personal plan in your own time. 
Equestrian Heroes is a Riding Club to support and guide riders . Heroes helps riders thrive through times of challenge and uncertainty. 
Heroes is about rekindling dreams, developing new knowledge, skills and developing your partnership with your horse. 
Together we celebrate your success! 

A Fresh Perspective and The Heroes Club Promise to You! 

If you’re feeling lost or doubtful, lacking confidence or frustrated because you feel you could be doing more with your horse then Heroes will help you overcome these issues and get comfortable riding at the level you have dreamed about.

When you are feeling uncertain, Heroes will help you to pause and then take confident action.

Club Coach Alison Kenward has 30 years coaching experience. Alison will encourage you to make a start with exercises and a clear process for becoming the rider you want to be.

Discover a route map for developing your effectiveness as a rider and support to nurture your relationship with your horse. 
When we adopt a new way of doing things or choose to approach riding with a new mindset, the changes can feel uncomfortable at first- making us aware of things we had not considered before but when we get your programme right and find your rider blueprints it will set you free from doubt. You will have a new way to boost your confidence and a better partnership with your horse. 

Stop looking for answers through the fuzzy lens of Social Media. 

Quit feeling flustered and frustrated.

Stop getting stuck in a pattern of heightened emotions.

Heroes is here to help you find the better way to manage and enjoy equestrian life.

Heroes is here for you as you find your new way. 


If you are looking for Pro Coaching to help you achieve your goals you are in the right place

Join the Equestrian Heroes Club and boost your Rider Knowledge and Skills. 

  • Manage your horse life balance.

  • Information you can trust curated by your Club Coach. 

  • Explore systems and strategies.

  • Develop confidence to go for your goals.

Save time and energy by heading to The Library to find content you can trust. Talk to your Club Coach in The Lounge. For inbox training and access to the Gold Seminar series, UPGRADE today. 

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Heroes brings You and Your Horse a way forward!

Rider Reflection is a powerful tool to help you beat uncertainty and help you grow towards your goal.

Press Pause and Take Confident Action with Heroes. 


We want to pick out the positives so that we can recreate the memory in visualisations. 


Think about what happened and why. Look at the ride as a whole remembering to recall the positives and the challenges. 


Decide how you are going to develop the work building on the strengths. 

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Our Equestrian Heroes Club will help you realise your riding goals.

Choose your rider pathway and let’s get started.  

Your Success Plan

You will find this workbook in The Library or fill in the form and we will email you a copy. This practical guide will help you create AND implement your personal plan. 

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Stressless Dressage 

Change the way you look at Dressage. This handy guide will encourage you to prepare for riding your test so that you arrive in the arena ready to enjoy presenting your best test. Sign Up to view in the Library or request your personal copy be delivered to your inbox. 

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Rider With A Plan 

The Rider With A Plan Course can be enjoyed as a stand alone 12 week programme or enjoyed with Heroes Club Membership to share experiences and observations with the community.

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Download the Free Guide:

 Designing and Implementing Your Personal Success Plan.

Your Guide is Ready 

Download your guide and start designing your programme with confidence and clarity. Create your plan before you ride.

You're 3 steps away from transforming your horse life balance

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Join the conversation in The Lounge.

When you want to talk to other riders about your horse, swap stories, share ideas, discuss your competition plans, we are here for you in the Lounge.

There are a range of Challenges in the Lounge too. From the initial introduction ice breakers to the more involved tasks to help you work on your partnership with your horse, this is a fun place to hang out. It’s free for everyone too so come and have a look around. 

Come and Look Around

2. Explore a range of topics in The Library. Now even easier with the Brand New App. 

The open access library brings you 10 great topics to begin exploring your Equestrian Athlete journey. There is no need to work through the topics in any order so dive in and pick an article. Each article has been designed to introduce an idea and has a quick worksheet to help you reflect on what this might mean for you and your horse. 
This is bite sized learning for the busy horse rider. It’s ideal for reading through with a cup of tea and can be filled in online or printed for later. 

Your Free Library

3. Updated Heroes NOW includes Gold Training.

The Gold Club benefits have been included with Heroes to give you even more. E Training arrives in your inbox complete with links to other ideas around the topic. It doesn’t stop there! There is also a Gold Library with all the content you need to set your Gold Standard in training. 
I decided to include this Gold Touch for every member so that everyone can share my favourite articles. 

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I always put horses first. My Coach ethos is centred around learning new skills and sharing insights. 

I still compete and train. I know what it feels like to celebrate milestones and to face challenges. 
My approach includes considering how my horse is feeling and reacting to my questions. 
Over the past 30 years, I've helped riders around the world to build a great connection with their horses. I have been lucky to love and ride many horses too so I know what it’s like to care for and train horses.
Pictured below is the lovely Veteran horse Salvation, competing with me at Vale View where we placed 10th in the Cavago 2023 British Dressage Associated Championships. 

Kind Words 

Alison is an incredibly intuitive coach with an energy that is contagious. The live video catch ups are motivational and inspiring. My horse and I were scoring higher after just one of Alison's sessions.

The distance between us (I am in Australia) is no barrier with Alison's excellent understanding and guidance. I am so proud to be one of her students and to take part in her Rider with a Plan programme.”



"The stables at Northlands is a new equestrian establishment based in Nairobi. As we develop, some of our key objectives are to provide a higher quality of learning for our riders and to enhance opportunities for riding in Kenya. The use of online learning platforms and the technology that goes with them, has been a major advantage making connection to professionals and their wealth of knowledge and experience, easy and seamless.

Alison has been supporting the stables at Northlands as we work to improve lessons and set up to meet international standards. She has been instrumental in our development and we look forward to improving and developing further with her. "




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