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6 Elements of Your Equestrian Athlete Plan

Equestrian Athlete Survival Guide

Guided Rider Reflections Prompts.

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The Six Elements of

Your Equestrian Athlete Plan 


Performance Lifestyle.

 Training to Perform. 

Leaving Your Comfort Zone. 

Dislocated Expectations.



As Equestrian Athletes we are as individual as our horses. When we build our performance plan there are six elements to consider. These elements will shape our training now and in the future. 

Plus a Bonus Guide

How to Understand the Expectations a Horse and Rider have of Each Other.  

The workbook has been created to inspire riders to consider some of the challenges we might face and explores insights from a Coach’s perspective. 

Embrace an Athlete Identity

Adopting an athlete identity and behaviours can feel like a curious choice when we want to concentrate on riding better and enjoying our horses. Every Rider is an athlete and we might have conflicting ideas about what being an athlete means. The truth is that high performing athlete behaviours are useful performance models to think about. As with all learning and training we always have a choice which ideas and processes to adopt. The aim of this mini course is to encourage you to find the fun in thinking like an athlete, to help you build a great partnership with your horse. 

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I would love to know more about your relationship with your horse and your training goals.  
Im confident that every rider will enjoy exploring their personal Equestrian Athlete blueprints.  Do sign up for the newsletter and share your  rider goals and training reflections with me on social media, I’d love to know how you get on with this mini course which you can download and keep. The course includes the popular Equestrian Athlete Survival Guide  which will help you to map your next rider adventure! 

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