Your Guide to Hygge for Horse Riders 

The Six Elements of Hygge for Riders 


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what is it about?

Horse Rider Wellbeing

Hygge Lifestyle

Horse Life Balance 

What's inside?

The Six Elements of Hygge For Horse Riders


To be active is to be alive.

 A quiet sense of ease. 

Prioritise your people. 

Find your balance.

The absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming. 

Making time for reflection. 

My take on Hyyge for Horse and Rider is shaped by my lifelong passion to be with horses. I’m a Coach and a Rider. I created the guide to help riders explore how to integrate the concept of living comfortably into the fast paced routine of horse care. 

Plus a Bonus Mini Hygge Workbook 

The workbook has been created to inspire riders to keep a personal journal exploring their sense of wellbeing and to reflect on their training partnership with their horse. 

Embrace a Hygge Mindset 

As you begin your Hygge journey you will start to notice areas of your horse time where you already embrace elements of Hyyge. 

We all need things to look forward to and celebrating milestones and moments with our horses can spark excitement, adventure, reconnection.. To Hyyge is to appreciate everyday life. 


Tamasine Thompson 

"Lovely! I’m relaxed just reading the guide."

Join me on Your Hygge Journey 

I would love to know more about your Hygge lifestyle and how your relationship with your horse is shaping your daily life. 
Im confident that every rider will experience and approach a Hyyge Mindset in their unique way. Do sign up for the newsletter and share your Hygge experience with me on social media, I’d love to know how you get on with this mini course which you can download and keep. The course includes the popular Hyyge workbook which will help you celebrate being in the Now! 

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